Fire and Emergency Management

At Fire Zone, we see the purpose of Fire & Emergency Management as a way to minimise and/or contain a hazard to the smallest possible area by having an effective preventative program. This, combined with an effectively trained emergency crew, is the most effective way to achieve this.

Founded on a risk management framework, such plans, structures and arrangements allow an organisation to better manage its resources and delegated responsibilities to prepare for an emergency on the most comprehensive scale.

Nevertheless, a fire and/or other emergency may arise without warning and will demand immediate action to mitigate any threat to life and an organisation’s assets. 

Whether preparing for a potential emergency or handling a live incident, your objectives should remain the same. They are, in priority order:

1.    Safeguard the safety, security and interests of our clients and their team members.
2.    Protect our brand reputation (local, national and international).
3.    Maintain the normal operations of the Organisation.

These objectives should always guide our approach to Fire & Emergency Management and the decisions you make.

At Fire Zone, we can formulate tailor-made Fire & Emergency Management Plans and programs that include Easy to follow Manuals, on-going staff training and simulated emergency exercises that exceed an organisation’s legislative responsibilities.

OHS Regulation, number 305 (Vic) or Sect 17 (NSW)
Australian Standards, AS 3745-2002