Some time ago. We found that both Security and Fire Safety have a relationship that binds these two aspects into normal day-to-day activities within the workplace. With this in mind HelexZone created Fire Zone, a group within the company to specialise in expanding its professional services to include;

•  Fire & Emergency Procedures
•  Disaster Recovery Planning 
•  Assessing & Consulting
•  Training 

It is a fact of modern business life that employers and owners of premises have an ethical obligation to protect customers, contractors and employees in the event of a crisis. Legislative requirements and Building Codes are designed to ensure the safety of all people in the event of fire or other life-threatening emergencies in the workplace.

When Fire and Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery Planning provisions are inadequate, leading to the non-availability of critical resources even for a short time, the result can be major impacts being felt by the organisation. Examples are financial losses, loss of control of core business processes, an inability to carry on operations, legal and regulatory consequences, and damage to reputation and credibility.

Fire Zone can cater for your every need.    

Since 1995, HelexZone P/L has been providing resolve to lead through innovation in all areas of emergency response, crisis control and risk management. Our determination is to provide protection for life and property as a result of thorough planning, careful prevention and prompt response. Our promise is to make a major, growing and multi-faceted contribution to ensuring a safer workplace for you.