Consulting and Risk Management

Risk Management is something that everyone, in every business does daily.  At HelexZone, we take it a step further. We study your business and devise business specific Risk Management Packages, tailored to your individual site.

We also provide you with a variety of solutions and various ways to implement these solutions, not just an Audit Report.

There are various types of Audits and Auditing Packages that we specialize in:

•    Risk Management Audit - Organisations Operations.
•    Risk Management Audit - Hazards.
•    Risk Management Audit - Occupational Health & Safety.
•    Install Security Equipment Auditing.
•    SWOT Report - in Security as well as Organizational staff aspects.
•    Crisis Management Planning for Organizations.
•    Fire & Emergency Auditing, Manuals and Procedures.
•    Harm Minimisation Auditing Manual for Licensed Departments.

All of the above Audits are structured and compiled in a way as to check the current adequacies of components, services and equipment.  Report on the expected performances of this, and from this information, make recommendations for compliance not only with Building Acts and Codes but also the implication of providing a safe workplace while respecting and a lot of times, improving operational requirements.

HelexZone can also offer tailored on-site assessments for any client and for any type of risk that the client has identified.  These include;

•    Staff Integrity Assessments
•    Operational Assessments
•    Money Handling operational assessments
•    Occupational Health & Safety Assessments
•    Liquor and Gaming Act Assessments
•    Security Act Assessments
•    Workplace Fraud
•    Risk Management Audits
•    Compliance Audits

All unbiased and non-discriminatory reports and assessments are directed, confidentially to the client.