At Fire Zone, we recognise the varying health and safety implications that coincide with the presence of Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods in the workplace. As a result, we can assist you in formulating a comprehensive management plan to exceed your obligations arising under the law generally and in various pieces of relevant workplace health and safety legislation.

Similarly, you will also be acting to satisfy your moral responsibility for the protection of the occupants of your property, to further enhance your relationship with these occupants and any tenants.

This in turn will greatly reduce the prospect of successful litigation against your organisation for any harm caused in connection with Hazardous Substances, Dangerous Goods or other types of emergencies.

Furthermore, Fire Zone’s site specific Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods Management Plan will reduce the risk of unnecessary damage to your property and equipment in the event of such an emergency as tenants and occupants will be properly prepared to react under these circumstances. You will not have to deploy your own personnel to an incident in which they are unlikely to be adequately skilled thus ensuring a more efficient allocation of resources.

Full documentation will be available, on request, from HelexZone detailing the activities and measures undertaken each year in meeting your obligations.


For the Tenant or Occupant

At Fire Zone, we aim to develop professionally trained building occupants who will be on hand in the event of an emergency ready to react, with the personal safety of all as their prime responsibility.

As a result, the risks of damage, injury or even death are greatly diminished and the resultant capability for an organisation to safeguard its assets and records can only enhance its profile in the public domain.

OHS Regulation, number 305 (Vic) or Sect 17 (NSW)
Australian Standards, AS 3745-2002