Training your staff is the key to ensuring that all of the

Each of our courses is taught to and above the Australian Standards (AS3745), which sets out…
Fire Zone is also breaking new ground in risk management and emergency preparedness to help organizations find dangerous holes that would have otherwise resulted in the loss of property or lives.

Most of Fire Zone training can be custom-tailored to the specific needs of an organization. We can help you analyze your training goals, define your needs, and then recommend a program that suits your timeframe and budget. Depending on your needs, customized training can borrow elements from existing programs, involve the development of new components, or use a combination of both.

Emergency response is a responsibility unlike any other. It demands quick thinking, physical training and the ability to work with a team to get to the heart of a problem. At Fire Zone (a subsidiary of HelexZone P/L) we are famous for training the men and women who occupy the front lines of response.

•    Chief and Deputy Warden
•    Warden Objectives
•    Power Shutdown Objectives
•    Fire Extinguisher Objectives
•    Bomb Threat Training