Crisis Recovery Planning

At Fire Zone, we look at Crisis Recovery Planning as an extension of Fire & Emergency Management.  Crisis Recovery Planning is a guide to help you get started on the path of returning to Normal Operations after the Crisis has been dealt with.

We see a Crisis as defined as:
“The loss of control (caused by internal or external factors) resulting in actual or potential threat to the Organisations long term ability to do business and which requires an immediate response”.

A crisis will impact the Organisations:
1.    Ability to continue operating
2.    Image and reputation
3.    Liabilities (potential and real)

Whether preparing for potential crisis or handling a live incident, your objectives should remain the same. They are, in priority order:
1.    Safeguard the safety, security and interests of our clients and their team members.
2.    Protect our brand reputation (local, national and international).
3.    Maintain the normal operations of the Organisation.

These objectives should always guide our approach to Crisis Recovery Planning and the decisions you make.
This is where Fire Zone can assist you. We can put together site specific Crisis Recovery platforms that are wholly based around your business.  This together with an on-going updated training schedule will dramatically improve your sites chances of moving through any crisis with a minimal amount of 

OHS Regulation, number 305 (Vic) or Sect 17 (NSW)
Australian Standards, AS 3745-2002